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Circles Specials
When it comes to decorative wood veneers, nothing compares with the strength, beauty and functionality of our ApplePly
premium wood products. Find ApplePly panels and wooden circles in various sizes and dimensions, along with wood craft supply specials available exclusively on our website.

ApplePly wood supplies are quite unique. They are constructed of thin layers of wood sandwiched together and faced with your choice of either domestic or exotic hardwoods. Some of the wood species featured include white birch, red oak, cherry, white maple, walnut, teak and mahogany. Panels are available in a variety of dimensions. Initially used primarily in large, high-end architectural applications, ApplePly products have become a popular choice among both professional and hobbyist craftsmen. With their hardwood cores and beautifully distinctive edges, our domestic wood products are easily machined,
strong and lightweight.