Premium Hardwood Plywood Parts

ApplePly is a leading producer of hardwood panels for hobby woodworking located in Eugene, Oregon, the heart of the PNW. Our premium-appearance boards are a favorite among woodworkers because of our superior-quality products and wide selection of wood species. Our wood boards for crafts have been utilized as primary design elements in a number of projects that includes furniture, cabinetry, fixtures and architectural interiors.

1/2" ApplePly Drawersides (4" width) 1/2" ApplePly Drawersides (4" width)
Per part price starts at (shipping not included): $157.00
ApplePly Circle 42" diameter ApplePly Circle 42" diameter
Per part price starts at (shipping not included): $105.00
White Birch ApplePly 1 inch A-1 White Birch ApplePly (1-inch)
Per part price starts at (shipping not included): $47.68

Why Choose ApplePly?

We combine innovation with sheer ingenuity to produce quality hardwood panels to ship across the country. Our selection of hobby woods and craft plywood finishes truly sets us apart. Find plywood boards and planks in cherry, walnut, red and white oak, white birch, white maple, teak or mahogany. products are also virtually void-free and constructed from hardwoods. What does this mean for you? Our inventory machines beautifully and replaces dimensional hardwood lumber in many applications. Need custom sizing for your next woodworking project? We offer cut-to-size wood boards! is committed to helping you find the right products for your next professional or craftwood venture, so if you have any questions, please reach out to our team of experts for assistance!