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Rotary-Cut White-Maple Lumber Sheets

If you’re looking for an elegant, beautiful and clean plywood for your next woodworking project, our selection of rotary white-maple wood is perfect for you. Originating from the eastern United States and Canada, this hard maple variety is creamy white in color with broad variegated grain and only slight color variations. Combined with an intricate rotary cut, our white-maple veneer sheets are the ultimate choice for woodworking projects that are going for the sleek, modern look.

One of the best characteristics of the versatile rotary-cut wood in white maple is that its neutral color allows it to match effortlessly with its surrounding fixtures. Great for doors and other repeated interior structures, its color consistency makes it easy to achieve a uniform look between multiple rooms! It’s always made without urea-formaldehyde resins and it’s always Forest Stewardship Council certified, so we’re sure we have the right selection of rotary-cut wood in white maple for you! Check out our wide range of dimensions and sizes today!

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A-1 White Maple ApplePly
A-1 White Maple ApplePly

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