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Rotary-Cut Red-Oak Plywood

From the eastern United States and southeastern Canada, our selection of rotary red-oak lumber contains both heartwood and sapwood. It’s coarse and open-grained in texture with broadly variegated patterns of honey and reddish brown, creating a beautiful, genuine red-oak hue. Its deep color in combination with an intricate rotary cut makes our red-oak wood sheets by size the perfect choice for any woodworking project. Red-oak plywood is especially acclaimed for its durability and resistance to natural decay. Perfect for interior furniture, flooring, and more, red-oak plywood is truly a versatile wood.

To top it all off, our red-oak plywood planks are specially made without urea-formaldehyde resins, making them Forest Stewardship Council certified. They’re available in a wide range of dimensions and sizes, and we’re sure that you won’t be able to find quality rotary red-oak wood sheets better than ours!

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A-1 Red Oak ApplePly
A-1 Red Oak ApplePly

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