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Quarter-Sawn Anigre Wood

A subtle yet beautiful African hardwood, anigre wood is light yellowish-brown in color that goldens with age and often has a slight pink hue. Our lightly figured anigre plywood veneers are commonly used as a foundation for cabinets, drawers and even boatbuilding. Cut at a precise radial angle, our selection of quarter-cut anigre veneers is straight-grained with limited figuring to allow for maximum versatility. Its finely textured and lustrous exterior makes it an ideal wood for interior furniture. With excellent screwing, polishing, finishing, and gluing properties, anigre quarter-sawn lumber fares well when it comes to furniture construction.

Additionally, all our plywood sheets are made without urea-formaldehyde resins and they are Forest Stewardship Council certified, making them environmentally and economically beneficial! Shop for anigre wood veneers in a variety of sizes and dimensions to fit your specific project needs, or add it to your wishlist today!

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A-1 Quarter Sliced Anigre
A-1 Quarter Sliced Anigre

A-1-Grade Quarter-Sawn Anigre

If you’re looking for premium anigre, our quarter-sawn lumber is not only beautiful to look at but graded the highest level of quality. This quarter-sawn lumber is A-1 graded to ensure that it has nearly perfect grain and overall quality. Anigre lumber is typically yellowish-brown with an occasional hint of pinkish hue. This unique yet stunning color makes anigre a beautiful choice for any woodworking project.

As a reminder, all of our plywood sheets are Forest Stewardship Council certified and made without urea-formaldehyde resins. This makes us the environmentally and economically conscious choice when it comes to purchasing your quarter-sawn anigre plywood sheets!

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Anigre, Aningeria spp. From East and West Africa. Quarter Sliced heartwood is straight grained with limited figure. Anigre is creamy to tan in color and can have slight pink tinges. It is finely textured and lustrous. Faces are assembled from multiple components.