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Plywood Drawer Sides

Our precut drawer components made with prefinished maple veneer have become a favorite of furniture makers, both professional and hobby-based. ApplePly prefinished drawer sides make furniture building or repair less labor intensive and save you a considerable amount of time. Sold in boxes of 10 pieces each, they're also usually a money saver for contractors, carpenters, repairmen or the DIY enthusiast looking to gut out existing drawers to install new ones.

Our maple veneer plywood drawer sides are cut just like solid wood. You can further cut the planks to whatever length you need for your particular building projects. Because of the professional finish on these unfinished drawersides, all you have to do is cut and build - and you’re finished! Make your projects easier, faster and more affordable with ApplePly prefinished drawers.

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1/2" Drawersides
1/2" Drawersides
List Price: $115.20
Our Price: $115.20

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