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A-1 White Birch ApplePly
A-1 White Birch ApplePly

White Birch Wood Plywood Panels

Rotary cut white birch veneer is produced using a cutting pattern that follows the growth rings of the log being cut in a peeling-type motion. It's similar to the way paper is pulled from a toilet paper roll. Rotary cut white birch plywood is made from the sapwood, with thin veneer pieces being stacked one atop another and sandwiched between a face and back of premium white birch.

The white birch real wood sheets we produce can be used for different home wood projects because of its lighter coloring and uniform grain finish. Our plywood sheets are strong, lightweight, have minimal voids and machine beautifully. If you’re a woodworker looking for strong and durable panels, you’ve landed in the right place!

Birch, Betula spp. from the US and Canada. Rotary cut sapwood veneers are light brown to yellow and have broad variegated graining with uniform texture and slight color variations. These panels are Forest Stewardship Council Certified and manufactured without adding urea-formaldehyde resins.